Apps That’ll Help Keep Your Mental Health on Check

Self-care isn’t just physical, it extends to your mind and soul. Your mental health status can greatly affect your daily performance, relationships and outlook on life. Therefore, it is important to take time every day to relax your mind and reflect on it. After all, in this fast-paced, digital world, things can get messy, cluttered and stressful.
Fortunately, technology can also provide you with the support you need to meditate and maintain your mental health through mobile apps. While this is no substitute for having a heart-to-heart conversation or going to therapy with someone you love, these apps can be helpful for you, as well as a reminder to reflect from time to time.
Here are seven mental health APPs that you can explore!
Calm is a meditation APP that helps you get a better night’s sleep, encourages mindfulness movement, and provides a meditation guide. Its purpose is to help you find joy, clarity and peace in your daily life. It also has sleep stories, music playlists, and video lessons on stretching and calming the body.
If you have a busy schedule, this APP gives you bite-sized guided meditations that you can listen to in just a minute. To help you train your mind, it has multiple topics such as self-esteem, patience, generosity, anxiety, pain management, and more. It’s designed to help you develop healthier relationships, be more focused and less stressed.
Gileo (name)
Some APPs keep track of the food you eat and your calorie intake. So why not do it with your mental health, Daylio can help you keep track of your mood and daily life. It’s like a log class APP, designed to help you discover your own emotional patterns and the factors that affect them. It has daily and monthly statistical overviews that are easy to understand and analyze. You can also enter your activities, diet and notes.
If you are experiencing a lot of stress or experiencing anxiety, Pacifica can help you. It has different tools to help you cope with stress, anxiety and depression. This app allows you to track your mood and health and enter your goals and thoughts. You can also reach out to the peer support community to check on your mental health progress.
If you love games, Happify might be the one for you. It can help train your mind and allow you to build resilience and regain control from negative thoughts and anxiety. It uses positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. This app also allows you to track your progress.
talking space
Talking to someone and getting professional support can really help when you’re dealing with mental health issues, and Talkspace offers a convenient and affordable way to match you with a licensed therapist for treatment and counseling. You’ll do an assessment, choose a payment plan, and then match the right therapist and start the conversation. The plan starts at $49 per week.
Emotional Path
Sometimes it’s not easy to get your feelings and emotions out there, and Moodpath can help you assess it. It asks you multiple questions each day and provides you with the results of a mental health assessment, which you can use to decide whether to seek professional help. It also has videos and exercises designed to strengthen your mental health.