Amazing Candles That Smell Like Nothing You’ve Ever Smelled Before

When a new clothing line is launched, people tend to get quite excited when a cosmetic brand debuts a product, or even when an Expect the perfume when it goes on sale. While candles may not get as much enthusiasm or buzz as some of these other categories, we’d argue that it’s still A rather noteworthy event. From gourmet varieties of seasonal candles to scents that are well on their way to becoming cult classic favorites, we’re showcasing some of the best! New candles launched here.

Otherland The Beach Club Collection Stone Fruit. 36 USD.
Otherland might just be the cutest new brand of the moment, what with its cheeky marketing (and amazing packaging). We especially dig the pomegranate candle, which features sweet brown sugar, fuzzy peach skin and fruity beach plum notes. It’s perfect for warm-weather lovers who want to keep the vibe going – even if it’s in the smallest of ways – deep into the One year.

Tip: If you can’t decide which candle in the collection is best for you, the brand offers a discounted three-pack.

Woodwick Humidor, $26.50.
Just as the seasons change, Woodwick – with its patented flickering wooden wick that crackles when it burns and known – has added three new candles to its fall collection. Among them are the classic Autumn Harvest and Rosewood, but we are particularly interested in Humidor, which blends tobacco leaves with suede and -… Surprise – Peach Blossom.

Nestle Hibiscus Dragon Fruit Classic Candle, $50.
You know that dragon fruit is a funky ingredient in smoothies and fruit bowls, but now it’s coming to you in candle form thanks to Nest’s latest launch. This new scented candle emits notes of juicy pink hibiscus and crisp citrus, creating a fresh and uplifting home! Fragrance. We love that it’s encased in the most festive glass container (it gives us a major 70’s vibe).

TokyoMilk Dead Sexy Ceramic Candle with Cloche Mystic, $56.
True to the much-loved TokyoMilk aesthetic, this new candle will have you hooked from the start. But don’t worry. The contents of the candle are identical to the cover Mystic’s scent notes include hinoki (an Asian cypress), cedar leaf, balsam and Palm Mulberry. The overall effect is earthy, organic, fresh and vibrant.

Skeem Design Wax Moon Totem Candle, $44.
Skeem Design has mastered the art of candle making – not just in terms of scent, but from the design of the The perspective is the same. The Wax Moon Totem Candle – which blends woody sandalwood with sweet jasmine and soft amber – features a lid with 80 The root match has a handy stripper on the bottom. It has a 120-hour burn time, which makes it totally worth the price tag.

Yankee Candle Company Dried Lavender & Oak. 26.50.
Yankee Candle launched a farmers’ market line of candles in July, including persimmons and brown sugar and golden chestnuts Delicious. If we had to choose one to light up, we’d have to say that Dry Lavender and Oak is our favorite. It takes the traditional lavender scent to the next level by combining it with the woody oak.

Jemma Sands Smoked Desert Rose, $68.
Yes, we’re coming to you with a special bougie candle, like Jemma Sands’ new Smokin’ Desert Rose. Hand-poured in the brand’s California store, this dream candle combines dusty, smoky roses and earthy dunes in the The elusive smell. What does Dune smell like, you ask? You’ll have to get the candle to find out…. But trust us, it smells good.