A Guide to All the Best Hard Seltzers

It seems like you can’t go anywhere this summer without seeing someone drinking hard soda. Flavored alcohol-based sodas have become so popular that earlier this year there was even a White Claw – the most popular in that category! One of the brands in short supply. So why is hard soda so popular? First of all, they’re super refreshing. Anyone who’s ever had a La Croix is probably a fan. They’re also usually low in calories and sugar, making them somewhat of a healthier alternative to other forms of alcohol. Which hard soda is right for you, though? That’s what we’re here to help you decide. Here are our favorite alcoholic soda drinks to indulge in this fall and beyond. Find your favorites and head to your place!

White Claw Hard Soda Water
We can’t write about hard soda without including the aforementioned White Claw. It is truly the brand that started the craze. White Claw soda has only 100 calories and contains 5% alcohol by volume. It comes in five not-too-sweet fruity flavors (each with 2 grams of added sugar): black cherry (our personal favorite), mango, Natural lime, raspberry and ruby grapefruit. They also sell a “pure” soda for those who prefer unflavored sodas.

Natural Light Soda
Remember Natty Light, the cheap beer you used to drink in college? Their parent company, Anheuser-Busch, now sells under the name Natural Light a Hard soda. This line of alcoholic sodas is also marketed to college students because, according to CNN, it costs less than the leading competitor It’s about 20% and is sold in 24-packs in bulk. Nature’s Light Soda, available in two flavors (Aloha Beach, mango/peach blend, and Catalina Lime Blender, black cherry) / lime combination), at 130 calories and 6% alcohol by volume per can.

Smirnoff soda (loanword)
For those who want to hold out for a little more summer, look to the Smirnoff Seltzer. The existing The flavors are summer cans: cranberry lime, watermelon, raspberry rosé, berry lemonade and pi?a colada. These sodas are only 90 calories per can with 4.5% alcohol by volume. And there’s zero sugar to boot.

Real hard soda.
White Claw’s biggest competitor should be the Truly Hard Seltzer – which is also Makes sense why so many people would love this brand too.Truly comes in multiple flavors (13!) including wild berries, passion fruit and pomegranate.100 calories and 1 gram of sugar, with 5% alcohol, Truly is a low A caloric (but still very tasty) treat.

Bon & Viv spiked soda.
Bon & Viv sodas have very eye-catching designs on their cans, and they come in some very unique flavors. Black Cherry Rosemary, Pear Elderflower, and Lemon Hibiscus are just a few of the cool flavor combinations in Bon & Viv’s portfolio. These sodas contain only 90 calories per can (no sugar added) and have an alcohol content of 4.5%.

6Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water.
Wild Basin Hard Sodas are the work of Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado. These sodas feature water from the St. Vrain River and come in sweet and salty flavors such as cucumber peach and melon basil. Each soda has 100 calories, no added sugar and 5% alcohol.

Henry Hard Bubble Water
Yet another refreshing option to add to the list.Henry’s, with blueberry lemon, strawberry kiwi, peach mango and more! Taste.Henry’s Hard Sparkling Waters has only 88 calories. The alcohol content is 4.2% and there is no added sugar.