8 Best Home Hair Removal Options

Look, if the person you miss the most right now is your hair removal aesthetician, that’s okay…….. We get it. As we practice social hair removal, we all miss out on regular appointments that will leave us feeling fresh and healthy. Since we don’t know when we’ll be back to “normal”….. Well, in the meantime, it may be time to invest in some home hair removal tools.
While we recommend the products below, remember to always proceed with caution. We bet you have a shaving pat, but if you need some instructions with hair removal, try reaching out to your go-to professional who can guide you through the process.

Billie’s Razor Starter Set, $9
When Billie was founded, the founders wanted to offer products geared towards women, but without the impact of the “pink tax,” which caused costs to rise. Enter, the Razor Starter Kit for $9, which includes a razor handle, two blades and a magnetic holder. The razor feels thicker in the hand, easier to grip, and super smooth when shaving.

Flamingo Body Wax Set, $9.99.
Applying hot wax to the body without expert supervision can be scary. Not only might it burn you, but then, well…….. It has to come off somehow, and the pain it inflicts on itself is not exactly human nature. For a simpler approach, consider this set that includes 24 double noodles. It’s made of soft gel wax that doesn’t need to be heated, but still gets the job done.

Bliss Poetic Hair Removal in Home Hair Removal Kit, $22.99.
Whether you want to groom your eyebrows or get rid of all the hair on your legs, this low-temperature solution from Bliss has you covered. It doesn’t require any hair removal strips, you just heat it up and let it dry before removing it. It “shrinks and wraps” into each hair follicle, resulting in a better hair removal experience. Best of all, it also contains chamomile oil, which soothes your pores and allows you to get rid of hair even afterwards.

Gilette Venus Ultra Smooth Sensitive Shaver, $12.99
If you usually go to wax every month, switching to shaving can be a painful process. Your skin may become inflamed as a result. That’s why it’s best to use a razor with sensitive pores like this one. It has the ability to replenish moisture for the skin, while the rotating round head helps the blade glide easier and more efficiently.

Bleum Silk-Expert Pro 5, $382.21
If you’ve been thinking about getting laser hair removal, but you’re not exactly keen on the price tag and months of appointments, why not try doing it yourself at home? This FDA approved device offers IPL treatment that reads your skin to remove hair. It will adapt to the light setting, depending on your unique chemical makeup, and is said to significantly reduce hair growth in four weeks.

GiGiGi At Home Hair Removal Starter Kit, $49.95
Is your “beard” almost visible? Are your eyebrows starting to look a bit like mad scientists? Since you can’t go to your favorite salon for a touch-up, consider this affordable set that includes everything you need to do a quick job at home. You will receive a professional grade wax warmer, an all-purpose Honee formula wax, cleanser, hair removal powder, hair removal powder, slow growth argan oil hair reduction, hair removal fluid, hair removal strips, applicator and wax ring. Ready, set, and go!

No Mo-Stache Portable Lip Hair Removal Kit, $6.49.
A lot of women grow moustaches…….. Most people would want to get rid of it as soon as possible if it wasn’t a golden mustache. You’re in for a breeze with this no-fuss set, which features 12 perfect strips of hair removal, specifically designed for the area above our lips. It’s gentle, inexpensive, and most importantly, it works well.

Veet Leg & Body Ready-to-Use Hair Removal Cream Set, $8.49.
If you have a lot of hair to punch through, you need a pack of wax strips, which work well and see results quickly. There’s only so much pain you can take, and this budget-friendly bag of 40 allows you to stick it on, pull it off, and apply a wipe to cool it down. Pro tip: It’s recommended to have a drink before you start, just to bulk up.