19 Nail Art Ideas That Can Be Done Totally at Home

Did anyone else miss the opportunity to go to the salon?
We’re glad everyone is limiting their social activities now, but it’s hard to bear. The air is full of uncertainty and fear, and we miss our creature comforts – you know, like those nail technicians – even more than usual.
Fortunately, there are actually a lot of fun nail art that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Sure, you might want to leave some of the more advanced technology to your favorite nail technician – but some designs are simple enough to DIY.
Read on to see some of our favorite easy nail ideas, from colorful French manicure tips to press-on manicures to manicure stickers to miscellaneous glitter!

A well-placed Gem.

Turtle Armor

Gold on gold.

Rainbow French Gadget

Marine Glass Nail

Gold Pattern

Sticker Star.

The Pearl of Minimalism.

Racing Pattern

Impressionist Shimmer.

Red Hint

Shiny Polka Dots.

Tips for French language suppression

The Dimples Glisten.

Blue Accent.

Fancy Nail Cover

A Shining Light.

Bronze Concave and Convex

Abstract French Tips.