10 New Fitness Classes

As many people do in the days leading up to January 1, I purposely sat down with my journal and wrote out a list of things I wanted to do in the A list of goals to accomplish in the next 365 days. I covered all the big ones: finances, fitness, travel, relationships, and even mental health. Also, like many people, I felt an emergent confidence as I doodled, making me feel like this year was the perfect year to actually achieve the aforementioned The goals will be different.
Now, almost six months have passed. To be honest with myself and you guys, I do have some catching up to do. However, there is one category that I’m good at and one that I’ve been working on for the last few years: health and fitness.
Here’s the list of goals I wrote down before the clock struck midnight on December 31.
– Walk more.
– Try a new fitness class
– Take vitamins daily
– Cook more at home.
– Buy a bike – and actually use it
– Focus on health/fitness while traveling
– Weekly Meditation
Infiltrate those #targets.
I started the year with a shopping spree and a deep dive into the Whole 30 program. It gave me more clarity, more energy, and proved to be an important step in this new “fitness era” . I’ve also started thinking about how to make exercise more fun, since I’ve fallen into the trap of only doing (sporadic) two-mile runs or yoga at home! The Quirks.
The first area I focused on was combining travel and fitness. Travel is important to me and something I do a lot, both for fun and for my work as a lifestyle journalist! Part of it. For the past few years, I haven’t really used travel as an opportunity to explore fitness and health, but this year I’m starting to deliberately change that! .
In mid-January, on a trip to Costa Rica, I joined a small group of women on a grueling, near-vertical and An hour-long rainforest hike. The hike reminded me of the importance of fully immersing myself in the outdoors and how travel doesn’t have to be all about food and museums.
Then, while covering New York Fashion Week in the Big Apple in February, I purposely went the extra mile instead of hopping on the subway or hailing an Uber. i even managed to find free time to meditate and reorient myself in the frenzy. There were days when I reached 20,000 steps and the pride I felt staring at those numbers gave me an unexpected sense of accomplishment. That’s another important lesson I learned: quantifying my progress fuels my motivation.
The challenge: 10 new lessons in one week.
But March is where things really took a turn for the worse. I was determined to achieve my goal of trying new classes, and I did so by indulging in a fitness resort in Golden Door, California! Set yourself up for success, then another fitness vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida, a city that has positioned itself as a healthy and a booming leader in health tourism. (If you’re interested in attending, check out the DistrictFit Health Festival, which takes place October 19-21).
Over the course of the week, I tried 10 different fitness classes including boxing, spinning, barbell, tai chi, outdoor circuits , running intervals, pilates, zen yoga, black light yoga, and even a 1:1 session with a fitness trainer to help me in my Current daily work to initiate new moves.
To really get out of my comfort zone, I purposely tried some courses that I hadn’t done before that I knew would bring me Challenge. Does Zen Yoga have to be my favorite thing in the world? No, but I appreciate the fact that I learned that it’s not for me. I also found that I felt like a kick-ass gym star with a pair of boxing gloves on, and that it was something I wanted to incorporate into my daily Fitness Routine Workouts. I find that tai chi is much harder than it looks, the spin is super intense, and working out outdoors is obviously invigorating and I’m also obsessed with barre exercise.
But most importantly, I’ve learned that my body is capable of it.
I mean, I always feel great after a run, but beyond what I’m used to in terms of the type of classes and workout time. Proof that I’m capable of so much more than I previously thought I was. Being able to fight another person without feeling stupid, being able to do painful and difficult micro movements in the barbell, being able to simply go to the park Doing exercises. Anything goes, really.
looking forward
Trying so many new fitness classes in one week has given me a lot of motivation. When I got back from my week-long feast, I signed up for Class Pass, something I’ve been wanting to do for months! . I love that it allows me to continue to try new studios and new types of workouts from PureBarre (my new favorite right now) (done twice a week) to outdoor yoga at Beautiful Space, and then a workout at the Booty Brigade. No, it’s not an ad for Class Pass – I just love the app so much!
I also bought a bike, which is another thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I want to be able to easily create those “outdoor workouts” whenever and wherever I want, and now, biking at sunset has become my The main theme of the week.
Another thing I’ve learned – and something that really surprised me – is that I love working out with other people. I used to only work out alone, but a class with a group of people can be very motivating. I’ve even gotten my friends involved in my fitness endeavors, and we try new classes together regularly (and then the wine makes it (It’s getting particularly interesting).
I anticipate that anything, my motivation to work out will wane over time, but right now I’m on a high, and Love it. So here’s to new classes, new workouts, and newfound pride and strength! With that said, I’m off to the barbell… …