10 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health This Month

Feeling a little down lately? Spring offers the perfect time to change the channel. After all, pesky Seasonal Affective Disorder should hopefully be in the rearview mirror – and with the warmer weather, you have more opportunities to indulge in and having fun.
To help you better your self-care regime this spring, we talked to some psychologists about ten simple habits that will improve the your emotions (and, bonus, takes little to no effort). Their advice is easy to implement, but so, so effective that it ranges from a quick 10-minute diary session to some simple clean-up.
So, ready to change the channel? Read on for ten useful expert-approved tips worth remembering.
clear away debris
As the warm spring weather kicks in, licensed clinical social worker Lauren Moser Vilar , MSW, LCSW, LCAS says it’s a good time to clear your space of things that no longer serve you.” Gain emotional freedom from items that may be mentally overwhelming you,” she tells us.
Create a daily ritual
Moser-Villar says that having a daily ritual is key to achieving peace of mind because it allows you to allocate ten minutes a day for yourself The time.” Meditate, read a book, take a bath, or drink tea,” she suggests.
keep a diary
This is another simple way to promote mental health, according to Moser-Bilia. She suggests keeping a daily journal to help clarify your thoughts and feelings, reduce stress and help sort out problems.
Improve your sleep routine
“Go to bed and get up at the same time every day,” says licensed psychologist Erika Martinez, Psy. D., CDFW, says. She recommends avoiding bright lights and LED screens 30 to 45 minutes before time.
Try to embrace the mindset
“Try to embrace any kind of mindfulness practice,” suggests Martinez. This includes activities such as meditation, yoga, mindful walking, prayer and breathing exercises, as they are all great ways to calm the nervous system.
Social Media Detox
“If you can’t commit to a full month, then consider just doing a month from Friday to Sunday night,” Martinez says. She also notes that detoxing completely from a platform is often helpful too – so maybe try giving up this week! Facebook, dropping Instagram next week.
Try exercising every day.
“Commit to a little bit of exercise every day,” suggests Martinez. According to her, 30 minutes of any kind of activity is enough to get the heart pumping.
Get a little spiritual.
“Believing in something higher than yourself is associated with better overall health outcomes, including physical and mental health,” said the licensed psychologist and Neurotherapist, Dr. Katherine Jackson, BCN, BCC, BC-TMH says. You may be surprised. She says praying for help and staying focused with a higher power can work wonders.
Practice gratitude.
“Research shows that thinking about what you’re grateful for has a positive impact on how you feel and behave,” Jackson told TotalBeauty. however, she says that actually writing it down leads to the best benefits – so she recommends daily Write down three things you’re grateful for (or keep a gratitude journal or jar).
Look what you’re eating.
“Nutritional deficiencies can lead to mood disorders and emotional disturbances,” says Jackson. So she suggests looking at your diet to see where you can make some changes, because you may want to swap unhealthy foods for Healthier Alternatives.